Dell Venue Pro Reset

Easy tutorial how to Dell Venue Pro Hard Reset

In this tutorial I will explain you how can you easy hard reset your tablet Dell Venue Pro. Dell Venue Pro rest will help you to solve problems as such freezing, hang – ups or even you unsuccessfully powering on. Remember, all data files will be removed with doing hard reset. Before hard resetting I recommend you storing files with back up. Also I recommend you sync contacts files to Google account, if you use them. Dell has release 14 June 2014 Dell Venue 8 which you also hard reset on same way, most of the dell venue 8 pro problems you can solved with hard reset. Sometimes dell venue 8 pro microsd can make problems, maybe you can have installed virus which can slow your device. If you haven’t solved problems with only hard reset try to formatting dell venue 8 pro microsd.

Procedure how to Dell Venue Pro Reset

I will show you two procedures how to Dell Venue pro reset. First easy procedure is hard reset from settings and second procedure is hard reset with using buttons.

First Procedure

Warning! Following procedure bellow all data files will be removed.

  • Touch the Home key.
  • Tap Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset > Erase everything.
  • Confirm with Reset Phone.
  • NOTE: You need to draw your screen unlock pattern if it is enabled if you forget lock pattern follow second procedure.

Second Procedure

Warning! Following procedure bellow all data files will be removed.

This procedure use if you are forget lock password, lock pattern or even your device won’t turn On.

  • Ensure that your device is turn off before you start follow next step.
  • Before Dell Venue Pro Reset press and hold the POWER button, then select POWER off option > OK to turn off your device.
  • Press and Hold together the VOLUME UP + VOLUME DOWN keys, then press and hold POWER button.
  • Wait until the reset configuration screen appears.
  • With VOLUME keys navigate to the Factory Reset option.
  • With CAMERA button confirm hard reset process.
  • And wait until the tablet restart.
  • Done!



If you have any question about procedures make it below.

How to Dell Venue Pro Reset – Video tutorial



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