Easy Sync Android Contacts With Gmail Account?

How to sync your phone contacts with gmail account?

This tutorial will help you to keep your phone contacts on Gmail account. This function is excellent and you can easily save phone contacts in case that the device breaks down or steal. Sync contacts on Gmail account just before you do Hard Reset/Factory Reset or you want to update/root firmware of your device. As you know, doing hard reset or update/root firmware all data will be lost, that’s the reason I created this tutorial to help you the sync android contacts (stored) from phone device to your Gmail account. Before you start check that Contacts are linked with Gmail account or just add gmail account in your device. Also check the you have installed Gmail application if don’t have to go google PlayStore and install.

Procedure how to sync Adnroid Contacts with Gmail account?

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Accounts and Sync.
  • Then enable account and syncing service.
  • From email accounts setup select Gmail and make sure that you have enable “Sync Android Contacts”.
  • Press Sync now tab and wait until the process have been completed.
  • Now go to web browser from your computer and click on Gmail text link.

You can also sync other things for Gmail such as photos, musics, videos, and so on. You can also be in the able to restore your contact from Gmail to your device when you finish hard reset/factory reset or you do update/root firmware. This tutorial is very helpful if you are using two android devices and you want to keep for both. Some devices have different contact types and your device may be on of them, in that case go to address book, contacts and select each of the contacts that aren’t sync android contacts. If you have any other questions feel free to ask me below in comments, if you find this tutorial helpful share them on social network.

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