Hard Reset LG G3

Restoring factory settings on the LG G3

LG G3 is highly appreciated Android phone that comes with great specifications and performances to its users. This tutorial will help you to hard reset LG G3, we will provide all methods how to hard reset G3. If you try to installing a custom recovery image, updating with custom ROM, flashing a custom kernel and so on, but when dealing with such procedures something might go wrong and you can end up in damaging your device. So, if that happens, you will have to hard reset LG G3 for resolve the issues. You can fix problems if you had update your LG G3 with custom ROM or with buggy firmware, hard reset will help you to remove buggy firmware. There are a few reasons why you have to do hard reset:

  • Solve slow performance of your LG G Flex device.
  • Wipes personal data phone before you sell your device.
  • Solve unexpected Application crashes.
  • Solve hang-ups & freezing problems.

But before you start to follow procedure from below, you should make a backup of your data if that possible (if you in able to power on your device), all of your data which stored on the internal memory will be lost. Also if you use Gmail you should sync contacts on your account, how can you do it read this tutorial.

Factory hard reset LG G3

After resetting device, next time you power on the phone, you are promoted to reenter the same kind of information as when you first time started the phone.

  • Tap Settings > Back up & Reset.
  • Select ‘Factory data Reset’ > Reset phone.
  • Then confirm tap ‘Erase everything’ and OK.
  • Wait until the process ends.

Hard Reset form android mode

Warning! All user data will be lost I suggest you do backup before hard reset, if you don’t want to lost data files.

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Press and hold together VOLUME DOWN + POWER button.
  • Release only POWER button when LG logo appears on the screen (continue to holding the VOLUME down key), then press and hold the POWER button again.
  • After factory reset menu will appear chose ‘factory reset‘ and confirm with POWER button.
  • Wait until the process ends hard reset LG G3.

hard reset LG G3
Use the comments area from below for sharing your questions, thoughts and experience with us and with other users who might want to use this tutorial and we will answer you as soon as possible.


Video tutorial how to LG G3 hard reset

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