What is Hard Reset – Factory Reset

Learn more about Hard Reset / Factory Reset!

Hard reset, also known as factory reset, is a software restore of mobile device to factory defaults system settings by erasing all user data stored on phone.You will erase all of the data, reset settings to default, remove all applications installed on the device.
This process will fix a software issue that the device is facing, since a hard reset(factory reset) involve deleting all data stored in the phone, it is essentially the same way as formatting HDD or Memory Card. Hard Reset can often fix many chronic performance issues such as hung-ups, freezing etc. Don’t worry about operating system, you can’t remove it with hard reset. Factory Hard Reset, also is known as Master reset that you can find in some article or web sites.
Soft Reset is procedure When your device doesn’t work normally or the boot logo on the touch screen is not responding or freezing you need to do soft reset. Soft Reset will clean up temporary cache form your applications, don’t worry about your files like photos, video, massage etc. you can’t lose them with soft reset. For Soft Reset press and hold POWER key, then chose Reboot/Soft Reset or Turn Off device, with both way you will do soft reset.

On this site you will find all procedures how to hard reset (factory reset) your device. I’ll try to post video for each text tutorials, otherwise contact me.

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