Hard Reset HTC 8XT

Tutorial how to Hard Reset HTC 8XT

The hard reset will restore the phone to it’s original factory settings and all user data, applications will be lost. This are the step by step procedures on how to Hard Reset HTC 8XT. This may help you if your HTC 8XT randomly reboots, freezes or hang up problems when using or opening some applications. This tutorial also will help you to restore your forgotten password on factory default settings. You need to know when you do a hard reset all data will be lost, because of that I recommend you make backing up android device and store all files, photos, sms, contacts and others important data. If you are using Google Gmail you can sync contacts from device to Gmail account. Best way to restore at the factory settings your lock password or lock pattern if you are forget is hard reset/ factory reset. Following steps below learn how to hard reset HTC 8XT.

Performing hard reset HTC 8XT using phone buttons

Warning! All data files will be lost with hard reset.

If you are unable to power on your device, you can perform hard reset by using phones buttons.

  • Power Off your device, in case that your phone still turn on.
  • Press and Hold the VOLUME DOWN button and shortly press the POWER button.
  • Release the VOLUME DOWN when logo appears on the screen.
  • Press keys in the following sequence: VOLUME UP > VOLUME DOWN > POWER > VOLUME DOWN.
  • Wait until the process ends.


Performing hard reset HTC 8XT from settings

If you can still power on your device most easily way to perform hard rest / factory reset is from the settings.

  • Go to main menu.
  • Tap the Settings > About.
  • Tap Reset Phone, then confirm with pressing YES.
  • Wait until the process done.

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