Hard Reset iPhone 6

How to performing Hard Reset iPhone 6

There are many problems that you can solve with hard reset. Some of them are forgotten lock password, forgotten lock pattern, freezing etc. There are many apps which are not registered at Google Play Store that cause a lot of problems to your device. After each Factory Reset all user data will be lost that have been stored on the phone. I recommend you to do a backup your important data on your Hard Disk or Memory Card before you do factory reset. When your iPhone 6 doesn’t work normally or the boot logo on the touch screen is not responding or freezing you need to do soft reset. Soft Reset will clean up temporary cache form your applications, don’t worry about your files like photos, video, massage etc. you can’t lose them with soft reset. For Soft Reset press and hold POWER key, then chose Reboot/Soft Reset or Turn Off device, with both way you will do soft reset. In the next steps I will show you how to Goclever tab r75 hard reset.

Performing restart iPhone 6

If something go wrong with your iPhone 6, try to quick restart device.

  • Hold Down the SLEEP – WAKE key until the red slider appears on the screen, then slide your finger across the  slider to power off device. Turn On device again, hold down SLEEP – WAKE

Performing hard reset iPhone 6

Warning! All user data will be lost! If the problems continues or you unable power on iphone, you may need to reset device.

  • Hold Down the SLEEP – WAKE and the HOME key together at the same time and wait until the apple logo appears.
  • Done!

Hard reset iphone 6 via settings: Form the Home main menu go to Settings > General > Reset then select Reset All Settings. All your privet file video, photos, contacts, apps etc. from the internal memory will be removed. To remove network settings VPN go to Settings > General > Profile  and select remove. You need to turn on Wi Fi after you do hard reset / factory reset. Also you will lost all words from keyboard dictionary.

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