Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 730

Easy tutorial how to perform Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 730

In my last post I had wrote tutorial how to perform Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 830, today I will show you how to perform hard reset Nokia Lumia 730. Hard Reset can help us to solve problems such as forgotten password, lock pattern or device not responsive to specific requests. Before you start thinking of buying another new device or phone, you can try the hard reset procedure to see if it will power on and save this money for another day. There are many apps which are not registered at Google Play Store that cause a lot of problems to your device. Be careful when you install apps from not certified sites. As I mention in my each posts “All data files will be lost performing hard reset” I want emphasize the importance of the negative effects Hard Reset. In the case that device doesn’t respond to any action you can do Soft Reset. Soft reset is secure process with removing battery and replacing back. In the next steps I will show you step by step performing factory reset Nokia Lumia 730. If you using Google Gmail you can easy sync contacts to your Gmail account. You can also use android apps for backing up important personal data.

How to perform Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 730 via hardware keys?

Warning! All user data will be lost! First of all charge the phone battery.

  • Power off device.
  • Press POWER key once.
  • Press and Hold the VOLUME DOWN key until the exclamation point (!) appears on the screen.
  • Release all keys.
  • Press following keys in exact chronological order:
  1. Press the VOLUME UP key once.
  2. Press the VOLUME DOWN key once.
  3. Press the POWER key once.
  4. Press the VOLUME DOWN key once.
  • Wait until the process ends.


Performing Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 730 from settings

Warning! All user data will be removed!

  • Tap main menu.
  • Tap the ‘Settings‘.
  • Tap ‘About‘.
  • Tap ‘Reset your Phone‘.
  • Done!

how hard reset Nokia Lumia 730


How to Soft Reset Lumia 730?

You will not lost your user data with Soft reset!

  • Press and Hold POWER key and VOLUME DOWN together for about 10 seconds.
  • The device should vibrate and reboot after 10 seconds.
  • Done!

Video tutorial how to factory reset Nokia Lumia 730

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