Hard Reset LG G2

How to Hard Reset – Factory Reset LG G2?

A lot of things can go wrong with your LG G2, corrupt android applications, freezing problems, forgotten password, virus attack etc. The best way how can you solve the problems, optimize device is doing hard reset – factory reset Lg G2. If you have forgotten password or forgotten lock pattern you should do a factory reset to back all settings to default. There is two ways that you can do factory reset, first simply way is factory reset through the main menu settings and other way we use when we are unable to Power On device. Factory reset will make your device back to the factory settings, all settings will be back on the conditions just as you first bought it. All user data will be lost, for that you have to do a back up before perform a factory reset. This process will not delete the data stored on the Micro SD, because that I recommend you copy all data on the Micro SD. You can also make a copy of all important data to your PC. The most common way to store phone contacts is using sync contacts Google option through Gmail account, of course if you use Gamil. Don’t make a mistake, this guide is compatible only with G2 if you have LG G3 model read this tutorial “How to Factory Reset/Hard Reset LG G 3“.

First do try to factory data reset the phone through the main menu settings

Warning! All user data will be lost!

  • Tap the main Menu.
  • Tap the Settings, then select Backup and reset.
  • Tap the Factory Data Reset.
  • Tap the Reset Device and wait until the process ends.

After the process done you will be able to use device with default factory settings as when you purchased first time.

Factory Reset LG G2 with key combinations.

The second way is maybe little more complicated and use them if the phone is hang up or frozen. Try to turn it off first and do a factory reset through key combinations.

Follow steps below exact by order:

  • Power off the LG G2, if doesn’t work with Power Button just replace battery after 10 seconds.
  • Press and Hold the VOLUME DOWN and the POWER button, wait until the LG logo appears on the screen, then release POWER button for a second but don’t release VOLUME DOWN button after the FACTORY HARD RESET appears on the screen.
  • To confirm factory reset press POWER button.
  • You are successfully Factory Reset LG G2!



If you have any questions ask me blow I will answer as fast as I can.

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