Hard Reset Samsung Tab 3

Easy tutorial how to hard reset Samsung Tab 3 and clear all data and restore its to factory settings

Is your Samsung Tab 3 becoming unresponsive and won’t turn On not matter what you do or you have freezing problems? Here, we show you how to hard reset the Samsung Tab 3 with step by step instructions. There is few reasons why you should make a hard reset, one of them is forgotten password or lock pattern or even freezing problems. Hard reset will remove apps you have downloaded and installed, your accounts, as well as system and app data and settings. Be sure to back up any data and files you want to keep before you do a factory reset. If you want to keep only phone contacts you can do it with Gmail account, to learn more about how to sync contacts with gmail account read this article. If you are planning on selling your, you have to hard reset Samsung Tab 3 how can be protect yourself and your personal information by making sure all of the settings and data are erased from the phone. This process will not remove data from microSD card, so we recommend you backing up files to microSD card.

First method how to hard reset Samsung Tab 3 from settings panel

This is most simply way how to hard reset Samsung Tab 3 from settings and use this procedure if you in able to power ON your phone, in other way use second method.

  • Go to main menu panel and find Settings and open it.
  • Then tap the Privacy > Factory Reset > Reset Phone.
  • You have to confirm with YES.
  • Wait until the process ends.

Second method hard reset Samsung Tab 3 from Android Mode

If you are not able to power On your phone or you forget password, you will need to follow steps below how can you successfully factory reset Samsung Tab 3.

  • Power off your device. Remove the battery, wait for a few seconds, then reinsert the battery.
  • Press and Hold the VOLUME UP + HOME button + POWER key.
  • Wait until the Samsung logo appears on the screen.
  • Release all keys and navigate with VOLUME key to select ‘wipe data/factory reset‘, then confirm with POWER key.
  • Select ‘YES – delete all user dataa‘, then confirm again with POWER button.
  • Wait until the process complete.
  • Select ‘Reboot system now‘ and confirm with POWER key.
  • After the system restart you will be in able use Tab again.

hard reset samsung tab 3

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