How To Make Backing Up Android Device?

Easy way to make backing up android device?

With technology development android device has become a large base of important information personal data, because of that I decided to write tutorial how make backing up android device. There are several reasons why you should make backing up, I will introduce you which is most common:

  • All data will be lost with hard reset / factory reset.
  • There’s a chance to lose, or even that someone steal your device.
  • On unexpected ways you might break your device.

Don’t let to lose important data, text massage, photos, video, music, contacts etc. There is a few ways how to backup android device, in the next tutorial I will show you some of them.

How to copy files to SD card?

Using USB cable to connect device with your computer is most easiest way to copy your personal data to SD card. I guess some of you already using cable to for connection between device and computer, for others I wrote several steps which will help you, I guess.

  • Connect device to your PC via the USB cable.
  • Select “USB connection” from the main menu (scroll down from the top screen).
  • Then choose “USB Mass Storage”.
  • Open folder “My Computer” and you will see “Removable Disk”, if something goes wrong repeat process. Open “Removable Disk” then copy all data files inside to new location on your PC. Give some specific name to remember, that you can identify later. This method is so well-established, but it’s not likely to be use too often, because android has development applications that will help you to do backup from device. Through this method you will not able to store phone contacts.

In the steps below I will show you some of the free android application and discussing how easy it is to be back up and restore.

Backing up android apps Helium

Helium (Carbon) is most known application for backup your apps or personal data to your device or cloud storage services including DropBox, Google Drive etc. Premium apps works with root and non root users where you can sync files with other device (best way to sync data if you purchased new device). With this apps you can easily back up and restore phone contacts, sms massage, Wi-Fi connection settings etc. For restoring files you need to select ‘Restore and Sync’ and choose location where the file restored.

backing up android device

Titanium back up apps

Titanium apps is available in two version free and premium on PlayStore. All data will be stored to an SD car or service storage Google Drive, DropBox, Box or etc. depending on where you want store file. With premium version you will get android to android sync features and cloud sync. For non-root method you have to install desktop application. Premium version App Titanium cost 5$ and including service storage, that’s very helpful if you lose your phone. Before you start install apps device must be rooted.

My Back UP apps

The last apps from this tutorial how to backup my apps will not distinguish from the above apps. Apps will work on all devices, regardless if they have root access or not. Apps you can download from PlayStore called My Back Up in two version, free and paid. Pro version cost 5$ and allow you to make backing up android SMS massages, wi-fi names, important appointments and more.



If you have any question don’t hesitateto ask me below in comments section. If you find this tutorial helpful, share them on social networks.


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