Microsoft Lumia 640 Hard Reset

How to Microsoft Lumia 640 Hard Reset

After the Microsoft release new model of Lumia 640 I decide to make new tutorial how to perform reset. For most devices there are two ways to make reset. First way with external keys and second from settings. I will show you both ways in text and video. Before we do anything you have to make backup otherwise you will lost all user data. With performing Microsoft Lumia 640 Hard Reset all settings will be reset including forgotten password or lock pattern. Data stored on memory card will not be removed and it is one of way to make a backup. In the next steps I will show you mini tutorial how to do it.

Microsoft Lumia 640 hard reset with external keys

All user data will be lost!

  • At the beginning power off device.
  • Then press Power key once.
  • After that press and hold Volume Down key.
  • After exclamation point appears on the screen release all keys.
  • Press the following options in exact chronological order: Volume Up, Volume Down, Power, Volume Down.
  • Done!

Second method from settings

All user data will be lost!

  • Turn on Microsoft Lumia 640.
  • Go to Windows Phone Settings.
  • Tap About.
  • Confirm the operations by selecting Reset Your Phone.

microsoft lumia 640 hard reset



Video Tutorial Lumia 640 Hard Reset


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