HTC 7 Mozart Hard Reset

This is important thing before you continue the following procedure to reset to factory your device. After each Hard Reset you will lose your data that have been stored on the phone. I advise you make a backup your important data on your PC or SD card before reset to factory. If you plan to sell your phone you have to do a hard reset to wipe your personal data so as to prevent abuses. If you forget password or lock pattern from your device the best way how to solve this problem is make hard reset. Hard Reset (factory reset) will set up default settings such as factory settings. Today I will show you how to HTC 7 Mozart hard reset.

Solve problem with factory reset or restart HTC 7 Mozart

If your device sluggish or you have virus, try to factory reset HTC maybe it helps.  But before you do factory reset try restart your device, simply switch off and back on. If pressing and holding the POWER button doesn’t work try to remove the battery, wait 10 seconds then insert battery back and turn on your device. If you have not solved problem with restar device you have to make factory reset (hard reset).

HTC 7 Mozart Hard Reset Procedure

I repeat “When you do hard reset (factory reset) you will wipe all data and customized settings all your aplication will be removed”. Backup your all data before you do a harad reset if you want to keep it.

Procedure a hard reset using phone buttons

You can use this procedure if can’t turn on your device, but charge battery before you start.

  • Press and hold together button VOLUME UP + VOLUME DOWN and press shortly POWER button
  • Wait until you see instruction how to do hard reset then release the VOLUME  buttons
  • Inside instruction system ask you to restore default settings, confirm with VOLUME DOWN
  • When process is complete system ask you for restart, confirm with VOLUME DOWN

Procedura via settings

  • Settings>about phone
  • Find reset your phone>confirm with YES and wait

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