HTC Incredible S Factory Reset

HTC Incredible S Factory Reset

Try these fixes if your device randomly reboots, freezes or does not switch on, if an app crashes, if you have sound problems, or if the screen is blank. Before continue with the factory reset, make sure your phone’s battery level is above 60%. To check the remaining battery life, go to Settings > battery saver. If you are not able to check it, or the level is too low, charge your phone for at least 40 minutes. After each Factory Reset all data will be lost that have been stored on the phone. I advise you make a backup your important data on your Hard Disk or Memory Card before you do factory reset.

Soft Reset

When your HTC doesn’t work normally or the boot logo on the touch screen is not responding or freezing you need to do soft reset. Soft Reset will clean up temporary cache form your applications, don’t worry about your files like photos, video, massage etc. you can’t lose them with soft reset.

For Soft Reset press and hold POWER key, then chose Reboot/Soft Reset or Turn Off device, with both way you will do soft reset.

Factory Reset Option 1

Warning! All data will be deleted!

If your device powers on and allows you access to settings, follow this procedure: Settings -> Storage -> Factory Data Reset -> Reset Phone -> Erase Everything.

Factory Reset Option 2

Warning! All data will be deleted!

If you can’t turn on your device, follow this procedure:

  • Remove battery, wait 10 seconds, then replace again.
  • Press and Hold VOLUME DOWN, then shortly press POWER key.
  • Wait until the Android logo appears on the screen then release the VOLUME keys.
  • Navigate with VOLUME keys to find FACTORY RESET.
  • Press POWER key to confirm selection.
  • Wait for your phone to reset
  • After you HTC Incredible S Factory Reset go to set up your settings like data and time, profiles, language etc.

If you find something you don’t understand go to bottom of the post HTC 7 Mozart Hard Reset to see video tutorial, the procedure is same like HTC Incredible S Factory Reset.

HTC Incredible S factory reset


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