LG Nexus 4 Hard Reset

How to Factory Reset / LG Nexus 4 Hard Reset?

In this tutorial I will explain you how to perform LG Nexus 4 hard reset. There are many important things that I would like to say before you perform hard reset. One of them – with performing hard reset you will lost all data files, because of that I recommend you back up all data files. Has your LG Nexus 4 has become a little sluggish lately. The reason why this could happen doesn’t need to be into specification of your device. It can be virus, malware or incorrect applications (not cerificated). LG Nexus 4 Hard Reset still will help you to solve one of this problems and make your device faster. Also you can back to factory passwords or lock pattern if you have forgotten your own. Another very good reason to reset your phone is if you are selling it and want to make sure that your data is removed. Hard Reset will not erase any system software updates or any files on memory card. Before you start to follow next steps be sure you charge your battery.

Performing Hard Reset LG Nexus 4 via buttons

Warning! All data will be lost! If you are unable to turn On your device use this method to perform reset.

  • Turn off device. Remove battery and replace back after 15 seconds.
  • Press and Hold POWER button until the phones turn on, then immediately press and hold VOLUME DOWN (while you pressing POWER button you will see the word Start with an arrow drawn down.
  • Press VOLUME DOWN twice to define Recovery Menu.
  • Press and hold POWER button to restart into Recovery mode. Exclamation point with android robot icon will appears on the screen.
  • Press POWER button + VOLUME UP.
  • Navigate with VOLUME buttons and select wipe data / factory reset, then confirm with POWER button.
  • Navigate to ‘YES – delete all user data’ and press POWER.
  • Done!

Performing Hard Reset LG Nexus 4 from settings

Wipe all data and factory reset from settings. This is most easily and the fastest way to perform LG Nexus 4 hard reset.

  • Go to Main Menu.
  • Tap Settings -> Back up and reset.
  • Tap Factory Data Reset -> Reset Device.
  • Tap Delete all.



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