Perform Kyocera Hydro Hard Reset

Performing Kyocera Hydro Hard Reset

A lot of things can go wrong with your Kyocera Hydro, corrupt android applications, freezing problems, forgotten password, virus attack etc. The best way how can you solve the problems, optimize device is doing hard reset – factory reset Kyocera Hydro. If you have forgotten password or forgotten lock pattern you should do a factory reset to back all settings to factory default. There is two ways that you can do factory reset, first simply way is factory reset through the main menu settings and other way we use when we are unable to Power On device. Factory reset will make your device back to the factory settings, all settings will be back on the conditions just as you first bought it. All user data will be lost, for that you have to do a back up before perform a factory reset. This process will not delete the data stored on the Micro SD, because that I recommend you copy all data on the Micro SD. You can also make a copy of all important data to your PC. The most common way to store phone contacts is using sync contacts Google option through Gmail account, of course if you use Gamil.

Performing Kyocera Hydro hard reset via keys

  • Power OFF the Kyocera Hydro before start resetting.
  • Press and Hold the VOLUME DOWN key, then press POWER key.
  • Release all keys when android recovery system appears on the screen.
  • Navigate with VOLUME DOWN key to select ‘wipe data / factory reset’.
  • Press the POWER key to confirm.
  • Press Power when selecting ‘YES – Delete all user data’.
  • Chose ‘Reboot System Now’ to complete reset.
  • Done!

kyocera hydro hard reset

Performing Hard Reset Kycera Hydro from settings

  • Tap from main menu System Settings.
  • Tap Back up & Reset.
  • Tap Factory Data Reset.
  • Tap Reset phone.
  • Erase Everything.
  • Done!

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