Sony Xperia Z2 Hard Reset

Easy tutorial how to sony xperia Z2 hard reset/factory reset

As we approach the midway point of 2014, the march of smartphone progress is as unrelenting as it’s ever been. Last device from Sony is Xperia Z2, after launch for sale I decided to write tutorial how to sony xperia Z2 hard reset. Following this tutorial you can also do hard reset Sony Xperia Z2a, Xperia Z2a is smaller version of the Xperia Z2. Hard reseting will return everything to the default factory settings. It means all personal data will be lost, all data files on internal memory will be lost. Data stored on SIM card, SDcard will not be affected by a hard reset. If you are using Gmail you can store your contacts from device to Gmail account. Hard Reset can be helpful if you forget lock password of the device or pattern lock. Also if you have problems with freezing or hang-ups or you installed android applications which is affected by virus you can solve all of these problems simply with hard reset.

There is two methods how to Sony Xperia Z2 hard reset

sony xperia z2 hard reset

First method is hard reset from settings panel, second method is reset using Sony PC companion tool.

First method

Sony Xperia Z2 hard reset from Settings:

  • Find Tab Settings.
  • Scroll to find “Back up and reset” and select.
  • After that select “Factory Data Reset”, then chose “Reset Phone”.
  • Confirm “Erase Everything” all changes made by you since the time of purchase will be set to factory settings.
  • Wait few seconds until the process ends.

Second method

If you are unable to reset your device from Settings or you forget password you can solve it from Sony PC companion tool. Don’t forget all data with sony xperia z2 hard reset will be lost.

Hard Reset using Sony PC companion tool:

  • First thing you have to do is download and install Sony PC companion tool.
  • Select “Start” under “Support Zone”. NOTE: if this is the first time using “Support Zone”, it will take a while for the system to load the necessary resources.
  • Connect your device with PC with original Sony cable.
  • Then go to the “Support” and select “Software Update”
  • Select “Start” and follow to next selecting “Factory Reset”

Restarting Mode (soft reset)

You can force restart your device in situations where it stops responding or won’t restart normally. No settings no personal data get deleted. Sony has provide restarting button under the flap cover of MicroSD slot you can find button for hard reset. Using the tip, pen or a simillar object, press and hold down the OFF button until the device shuts down.

Sony Xperia Z2 hard reset

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