Samsung Galaxy S5 Hard Reset

Samsung Galaxy S5 Hard Reset

Before you continue the following procedure how to hard reset your device you to do backup. After each Factory Reset (hard reset) you will lose your all data that have been stored on the phone. I advise you make a backup your important data on your Hard Disk or Memory card before you do hard reset. If you plan to sell your phone you have to do a hard reset to wipe your personal data so as to prevent abuses. If you forget password or lock pattern from your device the best way how to solve this problem is make hard reset. Hard Reset (factory reset) will set up default settings such as factory settings. After you do hard reset your device will be faster. Before you do Samsung Galaxy S5 hard reset read reason why you might need to do Galaxy S5 hard reset.

How to Galaxy S5 Hard Reset

With this tutorial you will return your Galaxy S5 to factory settings. When you do Galaxy S5 hard reset all user data will be lost. Hard Reset will speed up your device but also deleted all application. Reason why you might need to do Samsung Galaxy S5 Hard Reset is :

  • reset to factory all forgotten password or pattern
  • solve unexpected application crashes
  • solve freezing problems
  • speed up device
  • wipe data before you sell device

Warning! All data will be lost with hard reset (factory reset)

  • Power off your device
  • Remove battery and wait 10 seconds then replace battery again
  • Press and Hold the VOLUME UP + HOME key + POWER key and wait until the Android logo appear on the screen, then release all keys
  • For navigate keys use VOLUME to select YES delete all user data then confirm with POWER key
  • After process done chose REBOOT SYSTEM NOW and confirm with POWER key
  • Process is complete



Video tutorial how to Samsung Glaxy S5 Hard Reset

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