Sony Xperia Z Hard Reset

Perform Sony Xperia Z Hard Reset

Following this tutorial you can also do hard reset Sony Xperia Z Hard Reset. Hard reseting will return everything to the default factory settings. It means all personal data will be lost, all data files on internal memory will be lost. Data stored on SIM card, SDcard will not be affected by a hard reset. I recommend you to do backup before you start doing hard reset. If you are using Gmail you can store your contacts from device to Gmail account. Hard Reset can be helpful if you forget lock password of the device or pattern lock. Also if you have problems with freezing or hang-ups or you installed android applications which is affected by virus you can solve all of these problems simply with hard reset. Factory Reset tutorial for specific model of Sony Xperia you can in category Sony Hard Reset. If you have any question ask me below in comment section.



Video Tutorial how to perform Sony Xperia Z Hard Reset

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